The Alexander Technique

With Lisa DeAngelis

The Alexander Technique offers tools for living and strategies for being. We begin by looking at ourselves, physically, to determine how we can maximize body efficiency and optimize physical functioning. This physical awareness allows us to make choices that are not only more beneficial in the short term, but help achieve both long-terms goals and sustainable results.

Making the Choice

Choose to invest in 'you'. Live with intention. Embrace change and redefine your path. Learn to embody your message, empower your performance, and enhance your life.

What do you hope to achieve in your life?

Do your choices support you in achieving your personal and professional goals?

How do you go beyond simply responding to the world around you, to living and being your message?

Let me help you learn how.


We all have a story. The choices we make on a daily basis lead us to where we are at this exact moment. So ask yourself not only where else you’d like to go, but if you’re ready to learn how to get there. Once you’ve made the choice to embrace change, the sky’s the limit.
— Lisa