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About Lisa: My Story


People often ask me about my work: about why I became a teacher and how I found the Alexander Technique. It would be easy for me to tell you a story about a young singer with a jaw problem. About how her functioning was so affected at a young age that a surgeon recommended reconstructive jaw surgery at 18. And how, luckily, she decided that choice would be too drastic. She instead came across an Alexander Technique teacher who helped her address not just her jaw problem, but all of the subsequent physical habits that she didn't even realize were holding her back from achieving her goals. She sang better, she felt better, she even looked physically different. And the jaw problem? She realized that it wasn't ever really the problem, but just a symptom. And it would be a true and compelling story. In fact, it's my true and compelling story. But it's not the end of the story.

The truth is, I just told you the story of how I came to find the Alexander Technique but not how it became my work and my passion.


Everything changed for me the distinct moment I realized that the Alexander Technique wasn't just about addressing physical habits or improving functioning (although it does that, too!).

The Alexander Technique was the key to discovering how I wanted to be in the world.

I didn't have to be someone defined by pain and limited by things I thought were just a way of life, and I definitely wasn't someone stuck always responding to the world around me. And it's the reason I am committed to helping others make the vital shift in their lives - to rediscover and fully embody their best Self.

The Alexander Technique gave me strategies to both see and address whatever was in front of me, having the knowledge to develop tools and make the changes I wanted for my life. I had a choice. And that choice changed my life.

Lisa DeAngelis (M.AmSAT) currently teaches lessons in the Alexander Technique privately in downtown Chicago (Loop). She works with an extensive clientele of musicians, athletes, medical and business professionals, and has coached women through pregnancy and labor. In 2017, Lisa was involved in The Rediscovering Musician, a independent project focused on the Alexander Technique and musicians of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, conceptualized by Kip Riecken (viola fellow with the Civic Orchestra) and funded by the Negaunee Institute of Chicago.  She is a faculty member with the Elm City Chamber Music Festival (New Haven, CT) and has presented workshops with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, at DePaul University, Concordia University, the University of Chicago, and Northeastern Illinois University. For her downtown corporate clients, she offers lunch and learn sessions and ergonomic workplace assessments. She has worked with professional musicians and athletes to help them discover and maintain their peak performance state, has worked with members of the Chicago opera improv group, Forte, and taught as part of Illinois Summer Youth Music (ISYM) at the University of Illinois. She is active in helping to grow awareness of the Technique, and has helped expand and re-establish the community and collaboration of Alexander teachers in Chicago ( She remains active in AmSAT (American Society for the Alexander Technique), currently as Chair of the Management Review Committee and consulting member of the ongoing ACGM committee. She is pleased to have contributed her organizational and planning skills to a number of large scale projects including as Planning Committee Chair for AmSAT’s 2013 ACGM in Chicago. She also participated as Organizational Coordinator for Rachel Zahn’s Experiencing the Embodied Mind: High performance psychophysical expertise, subjectivity research, and brain-computer technology which took place in Gargonza, Italy in October of 2013. She has provided administrative and logistical support for various workshops and events, run by Alexander Technique Workshops International and provided on-site logistical support to the Directors for the 2015 Alexander Technique International Congress in Limerick, Ireland. 

Also active in the Chicago artistic community, she currently serves as President of the Lyric Opera of Chicago's Young Professionals board, additionally holding an ex-officio seat with Lyric's Board of Directors and is proud to support a number of thriving Chicago cultural organizations.

Lisa is a graduate of the Alexander Technique Center Urbana (Urbana, IL), a 1600-hour hands on training course, under the instruction of Joan and Alex Murray.

Her training encompasses the lifelong learnings of the Murrays, and with her teaching she hopes to honor their teaching style and commitment to the Alexander Technique - one devoted to constant learning and discovering. Perhaps most influential of their contributions to the Alexander Technique was their collaborative work with Dr. Raymond Dart, which bore the development of the Dart Procedures.

Prior to her completion of the training course, she completed her undergraduate degree in Music Education at the University of Illinois, where she graduated with highest honors, including the Bronze Tablet Award for Educational Excellence.

Joan Murray, teaching

Joan Murray, teaching

Teaching with Alex Murray

Teaching with Alex Murray