The Alexander Technique

With Lisa DeAngelis

Workshops, Classes, and Presentations

Small Group Classes

Interested in a small group opportunity to explore the Alexander Technique? In addition to hands-on work and practicing constructive rest, students in group classes will be able to ask questions, explore topics and areas of interest, be guided through activities to increase awareness, and will be taught the important principles of the Technique which include awareness, inhibition, direction, and thinking in activity. Although a group session offers less individual instruction than a private lesson, it allows for a more interactive setting to experience learning through the principles of the Alexander Technique. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Technique in a small group class setting, please inquire for specific timing and price options.

Workshops and Presentations

Those who have enjoyed a basic introduction to the Technique often enjoy the opportunity to explore the application of the Technique to their field. Workshops are offered in 60-minute or 3-hour formats, and will be specifically catered your needs. Open to groups as small as 4 individuals and to as large a group as 25 members. Although not limited to the workshops below, topics include:

  • Technically Speaking (Music Performance): Find more ease in your technical performance by exploring and addressing habit and body use in musical performance. Focus on injury prevention, muscle tensions and achieving your best sound.
  • Intentional Communication for the Expressive Performer (Music Performance): For musical performers of all levels, which explore our physical modes of musical interpretation and communication, allowing performers to harness their most effective performing abilities.
  • Intention and Inhibition: A study for actors of all levels on the intentionality of performance, which explores characterization and communication of intention, through application of the Technique.
  • High Performance Functioning (Athletics): Customize a workshop for your sport, or physical activity of choice. Work to yield the maximum results with highest efficiency! Sport options include (but not limited to) golf, running, baseball, ice hockey or skating, soccer, basketball, horse-back riding, and tennis.
  • Your Body and Your Baby: Women who become pregnant and have young children experience rapid and drastic changes in their bodies and body use. Whether during pregnancy or dealing with the adjustments to life post-birth, learn to work with your body and your baby in the most natural and healthy way.

In addition to the options listed here, you can work with Lisa to customize an option that works best for the needs of your company, group, school, or organization.

Please inquire to learn more about available offerings, pricing, and scheduling.