The Alexander Technique

With Lisa DeAngelis

The Power of Intention: #WhatsYourGoal

One of the best things about the world we live in today is the cultural, social, and personality diversity that surrounds us. Not only diversity in the way we conventionally know it, but because of the way diversity and individuality is now a quality widely accepted and celebrated. We've evolved into a culture that aims to address problems and find solutions by honoring that individuality, and harness it, utilizing the power of 're' - by recreating, reinventing, re-educating. 

I'm certainly in the business of re-education. It can be a hard path at times. Re-education doesn't happen simply or slowly, and it takes something none of us enjoy very much: stopping. Ironically enough, it's not that we actually need to stop, but simply pause, and in that pause, take stock of what's going on then choose how we'll move forward. And that simple process changes the result. 

In 2008, the Chicago Blackhawks organization (yes, I'm a self-professed avid supporter of both the sport and the team!) launched a marketing campaign titled "One Goal." Their aim? Highlight their player's individuality - in skill, spirit and personality. Since that time, they've all but taken over the spotlight in the arena, literally and figuratively. And it not only worked, but it's completely taken off. Their fan base is large, loyal and active, their reach is far and effective, and they have won three Stanley Cup Championships since 2010. Is it all a coincidence? 

The Blackhawks now have a wildly popular hashtag of #WhatsYourGoal that serves as an outreach effort in the community, and a means to help others achieve their goals - no matter how big or small. To say that their campaign went viral would be an understatement. They are now known. As a stand-up organization that gives back regularly. As people. Certainly for their skill on the ice. And definitely for their 'heart' as a team. An intention that I believe fuels them, to not only achieve but live out their goals:

It's not just the power of a goal. It's the power of a setting a goal. The power of our intention. Whether in work, play, or application of a dream, the our intentions do fuel us. Not just as something that can drive us to accomplish more, but that we can utilize as an actual means to achieve our goals. 

In my work and as a facilitator of change, I constantly encounter people who only want to focus on - and are obsessed with - the goals. The results. The big "ta-da" at the end of the line. But really, there's a big missing piece to that puzzle. I know that if I don't consider my what my intention is, something is lost along the way. Can I really stay connected to who I am? Where I am? Most importantly, can keep sight of both where I want to go and how to get there? 

You'll often hear the phrase "choose your intention" at the start of a yoga practice or meditation session. But it's not just for those mindful times. Before you have that difficult or stressful conversation with your boss, spouse, or child, pause and ask yourself: What's my intention even for this conversation? How do I want to be heard? Received? As you walk out on a stage to deliver a speech, monologue, or performance, consider:  How am I going to be best understood and felt by your audience? What intention do I bring here today to share with you?

Learn to tap into the the power of your intention. Your message is unique and it's there. And intention is a tool, and the means to helping you achieve - helping you do, what you do. Better. 

So. #WhatsYourGoal?