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The Power of Intention: #WhatsYourGoal

One of the best things about the world we live in today is the cultural, social, and personality diversity that surrounds us. Not only diversity in the way we conventionally know it, but because of the way diversity and individuality is now a quality widely accepted and celebrated. We've evolved into a culture that aims to address problems and find solutions by honoring that individuality, and harness it, utilizing the power of 're' - by recreating, reinventing, re-educating. 

I'm certainly in the business of re-education. It can be a hard path at times. Re-education doesn't happen simply or slowly, and it takes something none of us enjoy very much: stopping. Ironically enough, it's not that we actually need to stop, but simply pause, and in that pause, take stock of what's going on then choose how we'll move forward. And that simple process changes the result. 

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