The Alexander Technique

With Lisa DeAngelis

Individualized Instruction


Each individual's situation is assessed on a completely personalized basis, and your specific needs, interests, and desired applications of the work will be addressed. In this exploration, the individualized instruction of an Alexander Technique lesson allows you to consider your body's habits in many normal and day to day functioning positions. We first stop and allow ourselves to notice our habits, then work to discover ways to do what we'd like to do, with a bit more ease and efficiency.  The subtle hands-on guidance that Lisa provides will help you achieve this ease of movement. As your body unlearns habits and develops tools for better functioning, you will continue to discover how to do more and perform better, often with less work and almost always with better results.

You will experience change from your first lesson. But as with any process that has a lasting effect, true change is achieved over time and is a direct result of your investment in the work. Unlike some other body work methods, the Alexander Technique does require participation from students, in the form of thinking and awareness. It is important to remember that rather than coming to 'be fixed,' the aim is to explore and re-discover.

Although there is not a set number of lessons a pupil should take, an introductory set of 4 lessons is suggested, and at least a 10-lesson course is recommended for best results. Although there is nothing specifically required for you to bring to a lesson, you should wear clothing that is not overly restrictive and allows you to move freely.

Lisa currently works with a variety of musicians, dancers, athletes, doctors, business professionals, students, and individuals dealing with chronic pain and rehabilitation from injury. Anyone interested in improving their performance, addressing issues related to pain, or just looking to increase the knowledge of the way their body moves, breathes, and functions should take lessons in the Alexander Technique. Learn more about the benefits.

Lesson Information and Fees

A lesson typically lasts between 35 and 45 minutes, and weekly or bi-monthly lesson times are offered. Learn more about Lisa.

Please contact Lisa for individual lesson rates.

  • Discounts for packages of 4 lessons

  • Student rate offered

  • Special Student Package: 4 lessons and 1 special interest session

  • Cash, check or credit cards accepted (credit card payments subject to a processing fee)

Cancellation Policy

24-hour advance notice is required.