The Alexander Technique

With Lisa DeAngelis

Corporate Services

Taking care of your most valuable investment

Thriving businesses and companies recognize that making a smart investment is one of the most beneficial ways to encourage growth, ensure ongoing success and maximize profits. But too often, one of the most overlooked questions is:

How Are you positioned to fully support the growth, functioning and success of yourself, your business, and those around you?

Success in business interactions both in and outside the office walls is dependent on an understanding of yourself and your functional habits. Understanding these habits allows you to embody an authentic and clear message - one which not only translates to increased success, but Prevent the fatigue and burn out that business professionals in high stress and high demand work environments can experience, and instead arm yourself with the tools to thrive and grow.

Workplace and Business Skill Offerings

Looking for ways to introduce sustainable wellness and health in your workplace? Interested in providing yourself, executive team or employees with the opportunity to ensure functioning at an optimal level? Offerings for corporate clients include:

Team Building & Skills Sessions

Looking for a way to address, support and build upon your team's skills related to effective communication and quality of business interactions? Give your employees or executive team the opportunity to hone and further develop their interactive skills, for increased success and enhanced performance. Book a half or full-day session, where topics from team building to communication to effective presentation skills and public speaking will be explored.

Executive Consulting

As a company owner, CEO, or high level executive, there are unique and continuous demands on your time, energy and resources. As you adapt to, implement and navigate organizational change, ensure you are functioning at your optimal performance level. Eliminate obstacles that may prevent growth and protect against fatigue and burn-out by giving one-on-one attention to your individualized needs. In specific consideration of these particular concerns, take the opportunity to ensure you are positioned to be managing your company in a way that not only supports its growth, but displays your most effective leadership.


Workplace Assessments

Workplace assessments are designed to make the most of your investment in the physical working environment. Ensure your employees or executive team are making the most of the ergonomic tools meant to enhance workplace functioning. 20-minute assessments can be arranged for businesses or companies with as few as 1-2 employees. Includes physical assessment of work environment and suggested tools for improvement and enhancement of functioning.

Introductory Wellness Presentations

In a uniquely designed presentation, the vital functioning principles of the Alexander Technique will be explored in an informative and interactive way. Groups of varying sizes will enjoy this introduction to the Technique, designed to increase general awareness and provide history and background of the Technique, while involving hands-on demonstration, take-away tools and an initial opportunity to explore and ask questions. Pricing varies but is generally offered in 60- or 90- minute "lunch and learn" or more traditional presentation formats.

For pricing, inquires, and more information, please contact Lisa.